What We Do

Our experts monitor everything for you 24/7 and optimize your facility, maintain comfort, and  improve your Indoor Air Quality.

We take care of installing the hardware, at no upfront cost,  such as smart thermostats and HVAC  sensors and set up all the rules and policies specific to your plan.

We work with you to survey all the sites you'll need connected to AssetCare, determine what is needed for hardware, and develop a plan to manage your buildings’ indoor air quality and overall energy footprint.

Bring Your Customers Back & Fire Up Your Revenue Stream

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mCloud is a trusted implementation partner for Con Edison and NYSERDA's Business Energy Pro Program

As a small-to-medium business owner, you've been hit hard this past year and face many challenges. 

Now more than ever, your customers and employees need the reassurance that you have their health, safety, and well-being at the forefront of your business practices.

Business Energy Pro can help you upgrade your building, so you can address these challenges and get back to business.

mCloud, an industry leader in energy infrastructure and building optimization will be your Business Energy Pro partner.

Bringing your business back is our most important job

What Does That Mean For You? 

Similar to your cellphone service plan, mCloud will arm you AssetCare, a monthly subscription service that makes it easy to manage your building’s indoor air quality, energy use, and building systems. Reducing the cost of expensive unplanned maintenance and energy waste has never been easier. 

That's AssetCare

We're here to help you transform your buildings into revenue generating machines.

How It Works

Let us help get you back to business

Assess Your Needs

Connect Your Assets

24/7 Management

Together with Con Edison and NYSERDA, we're here to help you upgrade your building and get back to business.

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Benefits To Your Business

Be in the driver's seat of your revenue

Optimize your business for success by controlling your operating costs.

Peace of mind so you can focus on the bigger picture

Manage the energy footprint of your building and minimize the need for expensive unplanned maintenance. 

Reassure your customers and your workforce that they are able to return to your business confident that their health is safeguarded.

Backed by our LiveOps Team, you'll be alerted to any changes via text or email well before small issues turn into bigger problems.

We'll help you create a healthy, energy efficient environment so you can focus on your business.

HVAC & Ventilation


24/7 Compliance

Optimal ventilation for all occupied spaces to ensure recommended amount of outside air is brought indoors.

Real-time monitoring around the clock by our expert Live Operations team – critical to knowing your solution is working.

Ensure you are meeting local and federal safety guidelines. A window badge is provided for visual reassurance. 

Filtration & Purification

Active ionization and ultra-violet options to “capture and kill” up to 99.9% of all airborne contaminants, including COVID-19.

Your facility is fully managed around the clock so you can focus on continuous business growth. Our small inconspicuous sensors don't get in the way of you doing your job.